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6 techniques for enhancing communications between your global workforce

For businesses that have a global workforce, it is a hugely critical priority to ensure your staff and employees are kept connected during the workday and outside of working hours. Regardless of the time or day, employees should be able to get in touch with you instantly, no matter their location.

And with global workforces being global – of course – communication can be made more difficult than if your workforce were local or within the same environment. But there are many ways to bypass this and still achieve effective communications.

So, here are 6 techniques for enhancing communications between your global workforce.

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  • Enhance digital communications

Your company’s global workforce communication should be considerably more effective and dependable now that digital solutions for cross-cultural communication are widely available. In today’s workplace, employees have access to a wide choice of communication tools as technology is fantastic for enhancing your communications. It’s critical to have a clear plan that includes technology to strategically satisfy your team’s needs while using electronic communication tools.

  • Make sure employees receive business communications in their preferred language

Having a global workforce carries with it a wide range of language abilities. Employees that are bilingual enable businesses to establish personal ties. When communications are conveyed in only one language, however, efficient communication is difficult. Employees may form strong customer connections, yet they may become alienated inside the organisation. Important information should be posted on the business network in several languages.

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  • Speed up translations

Employees want to be able to obtain information in their native languages as rapidly as possible. If you’re sending an urgent message, you’ll want to make sure the language is consistent with past communications and that your audience understands what you’re saying right away. Ensuring you have a reliable and accurate method of translation is vital.

  • Repeat and emphasise key messages

Maintaining clear and simple communication while repeating key messages that you want to get across prevents your staff from being overburdened with too much information and ensures that they remember what they need to perform and do. It also allows them more opportunities to take in your message and if they realise you’ve repeated several times, they will prioritise it.

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  • Plan events that connect your global workforce teams

Messages need to be delivered to your employees using different means and methods, whether it be via email or in real time. Hosting interactive, virtual meetings is a great way to get your teams connected and have employees speak to you and others in real time so that they can ask questions or ask for help, including help with communication itself. Multiple time zones are an issue but there can be ways to bypass this such as arranging several events or meetings.

  • Acknowledge slang and cultural barriers

Due to language and cultural differences, managing a multinational workforce may be challenging at first, and video conferencing is no exception. You need to make sure that all of your employees understand what you’re saying and that they’re comfortable with the way you’re doing things.

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