Five major cyber security challenges in the tech world today


In the current digital landscape, everything has gone online, which has brought convenience and flexibility to our lives. From buying any product to ordering your favorite meal, you can get anything with a slight touch of your fingers. But at the same time, there is a significant concern for business owners to protect their valuable data and clients’ confidential information from online hackers. Every business owner has a website nowadays, which means they have to take proper cyber security measures. In this modern era, a website is the digital property of all businesses. This especially applies to ecommerce business owners since their sole means of sales and revenue is via their website, meaning they have valuable data of many customers.

It is crucial for businesses operating worldwide to take proper steps to keep their data safe from digital theft. As a business owner, you have to maintain your online store or website by ensuring that everything is secure. Before taking any measures, you should know some cybersecurity challenges to prepare yourself accordingly. Let’s explore some major cyber security challenges in the tech world today.

Ransomware Attacks

One of the most common challenges cyber security experts face is ransomware attacks. The research study shows that around 37% of the organizations were victims of ransomware attacks globally. This type of attack targets user data and steals user access, after which hackers ask for a substantial amount of money to give back access.

So, business owners need to hire qualified and competent professionals who can deal with such cyber security challenges. You may also encourage current employees to opt for a high-level degree by leveraging the virtual education platform. In that case, an online M.S. in cybersecurity program would be the perfect fit. It will help them learn the latest techniques to tackle different cyber security issues. You may also offer incentives to employees with higher qualifications to motivate them.

Cloud Attacks

Most companies use cloud services which is one of the best ways to avoid data loss and keep it safe. However, hackers also target cloud platforms which is a significant security threat. Business data holds special significance in running daily operations and dealing with various client-related matters. Once hackers steal your cloud data, you are at their mercy.

Cloud attacks are the biggest concern for any average person, not only online businesses or large enterprises. Many of us have private photos and videos of our loved ones on cloud platforms that need protection. So, it is essential to have the proper awareness to take the right steps to deal with cloud attacks. Cyber security professionals have to address the vulnerabilities in cloud platforms, so it can not be an easy target for online thieves or scammers.

Software Vulnerabilities

One of the biggest cyber security challenges is the loopholes in software. Cyber security professionals have to determine the vulnerabilities in their software system to strengthen the security system accordingly. From content management systems to online platforms, figuring out what allows anyone to sneak into your digital property is essential. To cure a patient, you have to determine the health issue, right? Similarly, to take proper cyber security measures, you have to find out the drawbacks of software systems.

One of the effective ways to avoid software vulnerability is to keep your device updated with the latest software. You have to maintain a proper check and balance to ensure that your software is never outdated. An old version of the software can contain loopholes that can make your entire system vulnerable. As a website owner, you must regularly update plugins of your CMS that will keep your website secure.

IoT Attacks

Currently, there are millions of IoT devices worldwide which are computing and mechanical devices that help in data transmission. Cyber thieves also target IoT devices that can compromise the sensitive data of your customers or employees. Protection of IoT devices has become vital because if anyone gets access, there is an increased probability of malicious attacks.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing comes under social engineering attacks in which mostly credit card information and login credentials get stolen. In these types of attacks, hackers use the data for their benefits, such as illegal money transfers, online scams, online shopping, etc. Phishing attacks allow hackers to exploit users’ data, which is the biggest headache for cyber security professionals.


Protecting your digital assets is essential for success in the 21st Century. You have to invest in quality resources and hire individuals who can secure your online data and keep hackers away from your website or online store. You need to have a reasonable budget to invest in cyber security. This investment will help you prevent any significant loss in the future. Good businesses run on intelligent investments that enhance your growth, so you must invest in leveling up your cyber security game. Secured digital assets will help you gain the credibility of your target audience, so you will be able to increase your customer base efficiently. In addition, it will positively impact your business progress and keep everything on track.

Luckily, investing in your employees by upskilling them is now much easier than before. A simple search for terms like “cyber security training” or “NZ artificial intelligence course will already provide you with a list of online programs that your employees can take.