Nigerian startup Meeula launches smart business card solution.


Meeula, a Nigerian startup, has launched a smart lead-generating business card to help corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners in better networking.

Meeula, which was founded in May 2021, allows users to exchange contacts with a simple tap at events, conferences, meetings, or meetups.

“Instead of professionals getting to order paper cards again and again, they simply use a single smart business card with unlimited benefits. First, it helps professionals save on costs, and update their business contact information anytime without ordering again. Then it also helps professionals to effortlessly build an email list from contacts received,” said Emmanuel Uduebholo, the startup’s CEO.

Meeula was bootstrapped by Uduebholo utilizing revenue from his previous firm,, which he launched in 2019.

 “It was in the course of marketing one-on-one to professionals that I noticed how weak the paper business card was, because I only get to give them cards expecting their response, which I didn’t get all the time, maybe because they forgotten or they found it stressful to type in contacts and follow-up,” he said.

“So when I was looking for a better option, I found the smart business card very effective. Not only that, I spotted the gap, need and opportunity in the Nigerian market, and decided to go ahead and make it available to everyone.”

Early uptake has been strong, he said.

“So far, we’ve had amazing and rising responses and interests from the market we are serving currently. We will be rolling out fully to serve the corporate teams this year,” said Uduebholo.

“We’re currently marketing to existing business card owners, creatives, entrepreneurs and corporate organisations. Our product also allows organisations to create corporate accounts for their entire business team to aid their business marketing goals.”