Here are the ten African fintech startups that pitched at the Stitch Startup Showcase.


At the Stitch Startup Showcase in Cape Town last week, ten African fintech startups pitched their products and solutions to a group of investors.

Stitch, a South African API fintech startup hosted a “startup showcase” in January to give early-stage fintechs from across the continent the opportunity to share their solutions with local and international investors and receive support.

The showcase was part of a Stitch-hosted meetup for global fintech investors interested in learning more about the space, and it intended to spotlight high-growth, early-stage startups from across Africa.

Around 100 people attended the meetup at the Stitch office, including a mix of fintech investors and angels from the US, UK, and Africa, as well as founders from the Raba portfolio, with whom Stitch partnered for the meetup.

Ten startups were selected to pitch, with seven doing so in-person and three via video call. They were Abela (SouthAfrica), Bettr (South Africa), Munch (South Africa), Hashgreed (Nigeria), Get Equity (Nigeria), Feather (Nigeria), Sava (Kenya), Alvin (Kenya), Zuberi (Ghana) and Paybox (Ghana).

All startups will receive a one-hour workshop focusing on funding and growth from members of the Paystack team. Nigerian and South African startups will get six months of free Stitch API access, while Nigerian, South African, and Ghanaian startups will get free payment processing from Paystack.

“We were super happy with the quality of companies presenting and the ideas showcased. It reinforces our confidence in and excitement about the continued growth of fintech innovation on the continent. The audience was filled with global and local fintech investors and later stage founders that shared our sentiment and engaged the founders in conversation throughout the rest of the day. We look forward to hosting more events like this one in the future,” said Thea Sokolowski, head of marketing and communications at Stitch.