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What Can We Only Do on Our Mobile Phones? 

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Mobile phones can be distractive and valuable at the same time. You can use it as a source of entertainment, make your trip home safer, and instantly track a selfie. It can be helpful or distract you depending on how you use it. Below are some ways to turn a distractive device into a useful one.

Searching Photos by Category 

Looking for a photo and you don’t remember when you took it? Do not worry since using your phone to locate the picture is easy. You simply go to the search icon on your photo app and search by category. For instance, if you took a photo while on vacation, you can type vacation, and all your pictures, from vacation, will appear.

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App-less QR Scanning 

Earlier, you had to have a specialized QR scanning app to scan a QR code. However, that is not the case nowadays. You point your phone camera to the code, and then it will take you to the intended website.

You can also scan a code from your Google app. All you have to do is enable the search screen after opening your google app.

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Online Gambling

Many sectors utilize technology and mobile phones, and the gambling industry has not been left behind. The traditional casinos are becoming less and less famous, and gamblers embrace mobile casinos. With mobile casinos, you can gamble and bet on your favorite games at the comfort of your home.

All you need to start gambling is your mobile phone and a stable internet network. Some casinos even have a no-deposit rule which allows you to familiarize yourself with the casino before you start putting up your stake. That means that you can start playing at no risk and even get casino bonuses for signing up in the mobile casinos.

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Checking Your Remote Batteries 

Have you ever tried to put on your favorite show as it is about to start, but your remote starts misbehaving? Trying to figure out whether it is an issue with your remote or with your service provider can consume even the precious minutes of your show.

However, figuring out the problem can be made faster using your mobile phone. Face the front of your remote to the camera of your phone, and if you see a red infrared light, your remote is doing just fine. If the light is absent, it is time to change your remote batteries.

Screen Mirroring

Thinking about watching a show from your phone, but then you sit and believe that the show would look more epic if it played on a larger screen. Do not worry; you can use the screen-mirroring feature on your phone to protect the contents of your phone on the TV screen.

However, some phones do not have the screen mirroring feature; therefore, you must download apps like chrome cast or use chrome cast enabled devices. You can also download third-party apps like reflector or Airserver.

Diagnosing Your Car Troubles

Have you ever had a car problem and then paid a mechanic a hundred bucks only for them to tell you it is nothing? You do not have to do that again since with an app on your phone, and you can tell what is wrong with your car. Automatic Pro is an app that allows you to plug in an adaptor at the base of the steering column.

When the adaptor is plugged in, the app can remind you where you parked your car, alert your loved ones if you are involved in an accident, and even diagnose engine trouble.


We all get scared when walking alone at night. However, there is an easy way that your phone can help you feel secure. A safety app can be installed on your phone, and they send invitations to selected contacts to track your location.

These apps can also schedule fake calls so that it looks like you are on a call with someone and set a timer to trigger a call to your loved ones if you are not home at the estimated time of the trip.

Controlling Your House Features

Your house can look occupied even when you are not around and help keep it safe. If you are always away and want to make your house look occupied, you can try installing Wi-Fi-enabled bulbs, thermostats, and air conditioners.

If you have these features, you can control them from your phone no matter where you are. You can also warm up your house a few minutes before you get home. Maintaining these features from your phone can help you conserve energy.

Hanging a Picture Straight

You do not need a level handy to hang a picture straight on your wall. Phones allow you to download apps on your phone to help you get the right angle for the first time and every time. Do not have pictures hanging crookedly on your wall when you could use your phone.


Mobile phones can help us make lives easier if used correctly. They can be our companions, helpers, and so much more. However, limit the time you take on your mobile screen to not become a problem instead.

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James Musoba
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