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Porsche announces electric 718 sports car and hybrid 911

by Dennis Mathu
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In an interview with the media, Porsche top executives including their CEO Oliver Blume shed some light on incoming models. As part of their transition from combustion engines, the company announced the kind of powertrains their next generation sports cars are going to implement.

Set to launch by 2025, the Porsche 718 cayman will be fully electric, it was referred to as a mid-engined car with the battery sitting between the axles. The car will be based on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) which is being developed with Audi. The 718 will be the third Porsche car model to be fully electric after the Taycan and next year’s Macan.

Next up is the legendary Porsche 911, the CEO confirmed it will be a hybrid but with a non-PHEV setup. This means owners won’t have to plug in to charge the battery. The decision might have been made to ensure the battery is small sized in order to keep the cars weight low.

Oliver Blume went on to call the 911 a “sporty hybrid,” which suggests the electric component will be geared towards performance rather than efficiency.

Porsche execs also states that half of the company’s annual sales will come from hybrids and EVs by the middle of the decade. By 2030, that share is projected to increase to over 80 percent.  

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