Home Startups Nigerian Edtech Startup Klas secures $130k angel round for expansion.

Nigerian Edtech Startup Klas secures $130k angel round for expansion.

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Klas, a Nigerian edtech startup has raised $130,000 in an angel round led by Tola Adesanmi (Spleet), Nadayar Enegesi (Eden life), Odunayo Eweniyi (Piggyvest), Njoku Emmanuel (Lazerpay), Voltron Capital, Cabal Fund, Leonard Site geler (Jumia), Velocity Digital, HoaQ, and other well-known angel investors.

Klas is a virtual learning platform that enables anyone to set up a virtual school and provide live lectures. Their goal is to harness the power of knowledge sharing.

There is no convenient solution for designers to teach online at the moment. The majority of producers duct-tape together disparate technologies to give critical class features like scheduling, money, community, statistics, and video conferencing. Klas has a seamless integration of all of this. Klas aspires to become the Shopify of online education.

During a five-month hiatus owing to the loss of his right eye, Nathan, the company’s 18-year-old CEO and co-founder conceived the idea while looking for an easy approach to teach Physics online.

Tola Adesanmi (Spleet), Nadayar Enegesi (Eden life), Odunayo Eweniyi (Piggyvest), and Njoku Emmanuel led a $130,000 angel round for Klas, a Nigerian edtech firm (Lazerpay) After graduating from high school, he rejected down college admissions to pursue his new hobby. Later, he met Lekan, the company’s CTO and co-founder, on the YC matching site, and they instantly bonded over a shared long-term goal of online education.

Nathan Nwachuku and Lekan Adejumo founded the company in December 2021. Klas has a waiting list of over 2,000 developers, has produced V2, and cooperated with large corporations all over the world. Klas allows creators to cover a wide range of topics, including coding, encryption, design, business, and languages.

The proceeds from this round of funding will be used to accelerate platform innovation and expand Klas’ global footprint of online schools.

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