Gboard’s Magic Wand Button Transforms Text Into Emojis.


While using Gboard, we’re used to seeing emoji ideas appear. While this is a useful tool, Google would like to improve the procedure. You’ll be able to add emoji suggestions depending on the text you input with a new magic wand button.

 People sometimes spend more time looking for the appropriate emoji to punctuate a statement than actually writing the sentence. Digital keyboards try to make the process of selecting the appropriate emoji as simple as possible.

Several Gboard users have discovered an intriguing new button that appears. Gboard has a new magic wand button that comes in handy when you want to add a few emojis.

It will appear after you finish a sentence. The text area will be filled with emojis if you tap on the wand. These, on the other hand, aren’t chosen at random. This tool analyzes the text you’ve just typed and inserts a selection of emojis after it. The choice will be based on what you’ve just written.

Gboard offers a similar feature that places emojis based on what you just typed, but there are significant distinctions. For starters, this feature just adds an emoji to the word you just typed. Also, if you choose the emoji, it will take the place of the word. With the magic wand, this is not the case.

Gboard has a feature that puts emojis based on what you just typed, but there are some key differences. For beginners, this feature simply replaces the word you just typed with an emoji. Also, the emoji will take the place of the word if you select it. This is not the case with the magic wand.