How to Use Emojis in Telegram Messages on Android and iPhone.


Do you want to use emojis to communicate reactions in chat or a specific Telegram message? On the Telegram messaging software, you can now use emojis as reactions.

Emojis in Telegram Messages: How to React (Android & iOS)

So, here’s how to use emojis to react to messages on Telegram:

  • Open the Telegram app on your phone.
  • Choose the conversation or chat in which the message you want to respond is located.
  • Now double-tap on any message you want to see. The thumbs-up will be the default reaction emoji. You can, however, alter it later.
  • If you want other emoji reactions, simply touch on that message on Android and select any other reactions. Select any other reaction emoji while on iPhone by tapping and holding on to that specific message.

In Telegram Android, how do you choose your default reaction emoji?


  • Open the Telegram app on your phone.
  • Then pick Settings from the hamburger menu.
  • Select Chat Settings from the menu.
  • Quick Reactions should be chosen.
  • A list of emojis that can be used can be found here. Choose the one that you desire.

Apple’s iPhone (iOS)

  • Install the Telegram app on your phone.
  • At the bottom right-hand corner, tap Settings.
  • Choose from a variety of stickers and emojis.
  • When you tap Quick Reaction, you’ll get a list of emojis that you can utilize. Choose the one that you desire.

On Android and iPhone, this is how you can respond to Telegram messages. The best Chromebook, as well as a variety of good low-cost laptops, have the same features. When responding to a Telegram message on your browser, hover your mouse over the message and select an emoji. So, by responding to a message and expressing yourself, you can now save time or add a little flair.