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M-TIBA & Britam launch campaign to improve insurance uptake in Kenya

by Yvone Kendi
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M-TIBA and Britam Insurance have started a nine-day educational roadshow to emphasize the necessity and affordability of health insurance to the general public, to assist more Kenyans in making better health insurance decisions.

“Medical bills and expenses could easily lead an individual to poverty. The uncertainty of falling ill leaves many people in fear and causes unexpected expenditure that greatly impacts one’s finances.”

“However, affordable health cover plans exist to help deal with such matters and grant more Kenyans access to affordable healthcare while ensuring minimal & unexpected expenditure when disaster strikes,” stated M-TIBA Managing Director, Mr. Moses G. Kuria.

Insurance providers have been called out to step up and create educational points/campaigns for both health and general as a result of a low record of 2% of general insurance penetration.

“Now more than ever, Kenyans are more health-conscious, especially after the pandemic that either affected us or those close to us. It is therefore key for us to play our role and educate our consumers on just how important and beneficial health insurance covers can be.”

“We also aim to drive the narrative of affordable insurance to help dismiss the perception of insurance covers being an expensive affair because for as low as Ksh. 4661 per year Kenyans are granted access to annual covers that benefit them in time of need,” said Evah Kimani, Director, Partnerships, and Digital at Britam.

More Kenyans now have access to cheap healthcare coverage through platforms like M-TIBA, which cater to both inpatient and outpatient needs, making insurance services more accessible to the Kenyan public.

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