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5 Ways to Use Instagram Videos for Brand Marketing


Instagram is one of the best, highly effective and low cost social media platforms that help in increasing the brand awareness of your brand given because of its massive user database and the highly visual content centric nature of the social media platform that helps in creating a sense of familiarity with the presence of your brand on its consumers and customers.

Using Instagram videos for brand marketing also helps to increase the website traffic and the SEO rankings which also help in generating sales for your brand. This also leads to an increase in the number of Instagram followers, which will also help in the popularity of your brand on the social media platform. This form of brand marketing also helps in saving your time and spreading your content to larger target audience bases in less time for you to concentrate on content production in order to cater to the needs of your consumers. Read some of the best social media case studies used by many popular brands.

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Using Instagram videos of your brand for brand marketing also helps in the generation of leads at a very minimal cost and making sure that the content of your brand targets the right audience will also help in the rise in the numbers of your interaction rates. This would also increase the number of Instagram followers, which will boost the content marketing of your brand.

So, what are the 5 ways to use Instagram videos for brand marketing?

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  • Short videos with catchy thumbnails

Videos on Instagram are about 60 seconds long and can be published as a single video or as a carousel video post, depending on your video format. Choosing the right thumbnail for your videos on Instagram helps in attracting Instagram followers which helps in establishing the foundations of your brand. Using enticing thumbnails also helps in gaining more views for your videos on the social media platform.

  • Always remember to tag the products of your brand 

Business accounts on Instagram have a special feature that is only allowed if you have selected the option of choosing your Instagram account to be a business account in the settings. Business accounts on the social media platform can tag about five products in their posts and this feature is popularly known as the shoppable feature on the social media platform. This helps when you would like to launch and showcase the features of the products and services your brand offers, especially when you would like to create the hype around the launch of a new product.

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If you tag your services and products in video ads during brand marketing, your target audience will be able to gain access to explore more of your products and the content your brand produces.

  • Utilizing Instagram videos as stories for branding 

Instagram stories play a huge role in brand marketing, especially when it adds personality to your brand. In order to leverage the story feature on Instagram for brand marketing, you have to ensure that you focus on the visual aspect of the videos in your story. The theme and design of your story on Instagram helps in creating a lasting impression on the users seeing your story, which is why it is vital that you ensure the quality of the story on the social media platform does not lower, which will result in an increase in brand awareness and generation of more sales.

  • Sends out the brand message through storytelling 

Storytelling is the essence of marketing your brand on social media platforms because it allows your Instagram followers to connect with your brand on a personal level that leads them to buy your products and services. Your brand can leverage the power of storytelling to convey the message your brand would like to send to your target audience and consumers.

  • Using IGTV and Instagram reels for brand marketing and engagement

Instagram reels and IGTV videos are a complete gold mine for brand marketing and increasing the rate of interactions and brings in more Instagram followers to your account. Instagram reels is one of the newer features of the social media platform which is promoted by the algorithm of Instagram as compared to other features available on the social media platform which is why it is important that your brand produces content that focuses on Instagram reels and IGTV videos. Instagram reels help in the discovery of your content among consumers who interact with content similar to what you create and produce.

Wrapping it up 

James Musoba
James Musoba
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