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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: It will not feature a connector for the S Pen, there is a plus one

With the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra now on every retail shop and online shopping site, all eyes are on the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s replacement. The latest information signals a genuine shift in the formula.

According to Ice Universe, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have a different design from the previous three models. The idea was to remove the “brick” characteristic that so many fans dislike.

Only, unlike the Galaxy Note or the Galaxy S22 Ultra, this new folding smartphone had to have a real storage slot for the S Pen pen.

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According to the source, this will not be the case. And with good reason: Samsung wants to make its next smartphone smaller. Most significantly, it’ll be thinner.

However, organizing a compartment in the hull specifically for keeping this equipment is not, to be honest, consistent with the manufacturer’s desire to slim down.

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He also suggests that the S Pen may not be destined to become much more than a Z Fold formula’s all-optional adjunct. Something that may dissatisfy the assistance’s “power users.”

Which option do you prefer? A thicker folding smartphone, but one with a dedicated S Pen port? Or a smaller and simpler phone to keep and use regularly?

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