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Google blocklisted six times more counterfeit sites in 2021 than it did in 2020

by Joseph Richard
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Google is continuously in charge of keeping spam and dangerous material out of its search results to enable Internet users to access information on the web.

With SpamBrain, Google continues its spam-fighting efforts. Google has long tracked harmful websites and other types of spam that may surface in its search results. In 2018, the American behemoth unveiled SpamBrain, a new program that is continually improved to weed out harmful websites.

Google’s SpamBrain engine identified almost six times more spam in 2021 than in 2020. Faced with the growing amount of spam created every day, SpamBrain’s capacity to recognize harmful and dangerous activity among billions of pages would have enabled more than 99 percent of searches to remain spam-free, according to the American organization.

According to Google, it has also acted against acts intended to gain positions in search engine rankings. As a result, it tries to limit the amount of low-quality material by combating specific sites’ ranking manipulations, which might harm the user experience. The business used product reviews as an example, where the information was often rehashed product descriptions rather than actual and concrete evaluations.

Remember that Google revealed in 2019 that it finds no less than 25 billion “spam” sites per day. The search engine promptly disregards them and removes them from the results.

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