Is Apple about to put the Lightning port back into the closet for good?


This week, new developments in tech were that the European Parliament decided to only allow the USB-C as the standard connection In Europe. Will that be possible?

As much as Apple’s Lightning connection will be phased out, at least in Europe, the case will be the same as in the previous years period. The European Parliament also took another step by accepting  USB-C as a single connection for certain electronic products in the EU this week.

What is the Objective here in any case? To allow users to charge most of their tiny gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, etc., with a single charger and eliminate electrical trash caused by the proliferation of standards and connections.

This decision, which will now be subject to talks with the European Union’s different Member States, also calls for businesses to provide more detailed information on their product packaging, such as whether or not a charging cable is supplied.

 Finally, the EU also wants a new wireless charging standard for the numerous gadgets stated above. The practical and ecological considerations are presented once again. It’s worth noting that it’s conceivable that Apple may remove the Lightning port from its iPhones rather than replace it with USB-C.