Nigeria’s OjirehPrime Launches Digital Bank with Interest Free Buy-Now-Pay-Later


OjirehPrime  a Nigerian digital bank that offers transparent and customer focused banking services with access to loans, innovative savings product and free credit card has Launched a digital Bank with Interest Free Buy-Now-Pay-Later.

The company began as an online food store in 2016, and then in 2018, launched her OjirehPrime prepaid card, which grew organically to a 40,000-user community by 2020.

 Ojirehprime is committed to providing a positive experience for her customers, a key component of her growth plan. Speaking with Edoka Idoko, the Founder/CEO of OjirehPrime, who stated that OjirehPrime would drive growth by offering credit lines to her clients with a lifeline that allows the average consumer to repay interest-free as long as the transaction is completed within the moratorium. 

 In 2021, they announced their investment in Solid Allianze Microfinance Bank, representing a strategic repositioning that puts her on the road to building a digital bank. 

The advantages of OjirehPrime include the ease of opening a bank account in 90 seconds, free interbank transfers, no account maintenance fee, innovative saving features, interest-free loan offerings, and smooth/easy access to your deposit via cardless withdrawal from any ATM. 

Ojirehprime is currently available only to Android users on the google play store as OjirehPrime with its savings account powered by Solid Allianze Microfinance Bank

The bank takes pride in delivering a more customer-centric digital bank that focuses its resources on the many touchpoints with its customers to provide custom-tailored banking services.