Could Mushe (XMU) Be Bigger Than Dogecoin (DOGE)?


Shortly after the pre-launch phase of Mushe (XMU), experts predict that the peer to peer decentralised token could be bigger than Dogecoin. The presale, which began on April 18th to July 3rd 2022, has seen tokens available for as low as  $0.005 on the first day ahead of the target launch scheduled for July 4th.

The advancement of technology, coupled with the weakening of local currencies are some of the reasons leading to the rise of cryptocurrency across the globe. In Africa, cryptocurrency has provided a platform for the steadily rising digital-savvy youth population to grow their wealth. For those who understand the world of crypto or are looking to venture into it, identifying new entrants with potential growth is a valuable asset that allows investment in affordable tokens early enough.

The predecessor, Dogecoin quickly grew to have over 130 billion DOGE tokens currently circulating with a market cap valued at $31 billion. The meteoric rise to fame over the past 18 months has helped many of the early investors in DOGE receive an incredible return on their investments. Similar to Dogecoin, individuals can get an early start on investing in Mushe to purchase tokens at the lowest price possible during the pre-launch.

Establishing itself as the alternative to DOGE, Mushe (XMU) plans to cement itself as the currency of the metaverse that is safe to use both online and offline in the real world. The token, designed with the future in mind, was developed with layer_0 technology that makes it compatible with any blockchain to provide investors with more options. In addition, it can process thousands of unique transactions each second to offer a faster and more secure experience.

While the token plans to provide unique benefits that other cryptocurrencies aren’t offering to investors, it’s going all out with real-world opportunities through the launch of its Mushe branded products, including Mushe Swap, a decentralized exchange. Mushe Swap allows users to swap cryptocurrencies across dozens of different blockchains using Mushe. It also includes the Mushe Wallet that lets users complete seamless exchanges of Mushe tokens into fiat currency.

Mushe’s unique selling points are that it will simplify user access through an easy to use and globally accessible mobile application, benefiting from low interchange fees and reward through the utilisation of the Mushe token. It also enables interoperability, allowing users to trade within and outside the ecosystem, and owns a loyalty reward system for its user community.

These advanced features are some of the reasons why analysts predict that Mushe could be the next big thing in crypto,  offering the ideal alternative to those looking for something different from DOGE. In addition, the features provided to users will allow Mushe to continue seeking partnerships that would increase the usability of the coin and boost its value, a feature that DOGE does not have presently.