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Does the upgrade to Apple Studio Display make a difference?

by Joseph Richard
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Many Apple Studio Display owners have been venting their frustrations online about the camera being a disaster. The problem has been there for some time, and Apple has been steadfast in its efforts to resolve it. However, as of writing, there is an update that fixes the issue. Let’s have a look at what this new upgrade contains.

Joanna Stern, a Wall Street Journal journalist, determined in March that the Apple Studio Display’s camera was terrible and far from the promises made by the Cupertino business, following multiple rounds of testing. When faced with this information, Apple said that it had discovered the root of the problem and would be addressed it in a future update.

A month later, here we are: Customers who have installed the latest beta version of macOS Monterey 12.4 on their Mac have received this update. According to the American behemoth, this improvement lets users reduce noise, increase contrast, and change the frame function. However, studies done by Jason Snell of Six Colors show that the change is not as substantial as expected. To learn more about the inner workings of this new version, watch the video below.

Where can you get the Studio Display webcam repair update?

Before the new Apple Studio Display update occurs, it seems that you must have been on the macOS Monterey beta or have installed macOS 12.4 beta 3. Developers and public testers may now download macOS 12.4 beta 3. Go to System Preferences > Software Update on your Mac. The macOS 12.4 beta 3 should also include the Apple Studio Display Firmware Update 15.5. Select Install Now.

While there is a little improvement in numerous aspects of the image, most notably grain and contrast management, the change is not as significant as anticipated. It’s unclear if the upgrade will improve the Apple Studio Display’s camera once released from beta.

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