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Pinterest launches live streaming app for video creators

by Val Lukhanyu
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Iconic social media and image sharing app, Pinterest secretly launched a new TV studio app that will make it easier for creators to live-stream to its platform.

The app now available to a select number of iOS and Android users will allow creators to go live on Pinterest as well as use multiple devices in order to achieve different camera angles, the app’s description states.

To use the feature, creators have to enter a code or scan a barcode that Pinterest provides in order to gain access to the live streaming tools the app provides.

Reportedly, Pinterest has been working on its own video platform with the launch of Idea Pins, a sort of video-first mashup similar to TikTok’s -style of short-form video content and tappable Stories. As of now, there’re fewer downloads but over time, we will see more sign-ups.

Pinterest projected a 25 per cent growth during its Q1 2022 earnings release last week and said it’s seen over 25% growth in the save rate of Idea Pins quarter over quarter.

With the addition of a dedicated live-streaming app, Pinterest is likely to receive a larger audience who will join the app to create more pins and videos for its users as Pinterest rethinks its place in the broader social media landscape.

Thanks to TikTok for disrupting the social media space. More social apps are now on the rise to take back their once stonewashed glory in the media space. Video first focus looks like it’s the way to go, major social players including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube have a TikTok-like short video feature available, and most offer features for creating live video content.

Here’s a snippet of what the Pinterest Tv studio will look like.

Photo credits: Techcrunch

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