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KidatoSchool partners with Nailab to launch a children’s Campus.

On 04 May 2022 Sam Gichuru the CEO/Founder of kidato inc. shared on Twitter that they are working on a kidatoschool children’s campus with Nailab in Lavington, Kabarsiran Avenue.

The campus will serve as the office and has space for bi-weekly physical & social activities.

“Our little scientists now have practically chemistry, biology, and physics labs for their experiments. Thank you parents for your support over the last 19 months,27 days!”Sam exclaimed.

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Kidato is K-12 online school that offers after-school classes. Kidato Academy offers British National Curriculum through live online classes. Kidato learning allows students to explore their creativity through music, art, craft activities, and many more. Students are packed with learning, exciting social events, and other activities that help them improve their critical thinking,problem-solving skills, and teamwork.

Nailab is a business incubator focused on providing the right ingredients to turn business ideas into viable startups. Last year, the develoPPP Ventures program was launched by deginvest with the purpose of empowering startups with entrepreneurial support and a grant of up to $100k for growth investments. As founders, Nailab spends time developing, refining, and marketing our products, hiring a great team, and getting investors excited about their ideas and business plan to make an investment.

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“Nailab is an accelerator, that facilitates founders to start up their ideas,” said Sam Gichuru CEO/Founder Kidato Inc.

In 2020, Nailab created an app dubbed mwanzo,a network of SMEs and startups that fosters growth by giving founders a platform where they can connect and share opportunities, have insightful business conversations, share and gain knowledge and be part of a community.

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The goal of this partnership is to provide quality education to empower youth to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Kidato learning calls out parents to prepare their children for higher education through their British national curriculum by starting the admission process on is also seeking dynamic, innovative early years professionals to fill the position of a class teacher.

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