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Apple Watch 8 Series: Everything we know about its launch date, sensors, and price

Last year, we were a bit disappointed with everything that Apple had to offer in its watch, but this year we are expecting that the manufacturer will rectify in some areas, particularly its appearance. Here is everything that we know about the Apple Watch 8 series as of the writing of this article.

Launch date

First and foremost, we don’t have a precise date concerning this because, as we know, the manufacturer is always so secretive about its products. However, when we go with how Apple is used to doing its things, we believe the launch date will be between the end of September and mid-October. For example, from 2016  to  2020, the Apple Watch Series’s launch date happened in September. In 2021 however, things took a different turn with Watch Series 7, which was released on  October 15, 2021, due to shortages of components.

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Due to shortages of components, the manufacturer would have postponed its industrial design with straight borders in 2021 but would be scheduled for the Apple Watch 8. Apple is planning to release a new sports version of its iconic wristwatch with the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE 2. This would be fortified to withstand any shocks and scratches during activity better. We may also anticipate additional health-related indicators peculiar to this model.


For the past models, Apple has promised us many novelties that are yet to be delivered even with the past generations. For example, mention a few health-related measurements, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels. Hoping this will be fixed with the upcoming Apple Watch 8 series, but do get your hopes up yet.

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What is news this year is that this set of new-gen Apple watch 8 might support temperature measuring. According to a good analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this particular feature was supposed to happen with the Apple Watch Series 7 before it was scrapped because of the outside temperature, which may drastically change the skin’s temperature, distorting the intended outcome by up to 5 degrees, which is significant. This would greatly result in a lack of precise accuracy. Maybe the Cupertino manufacturer has designed to work on this particular feature, but no one is certain about it, so let us sit and wait.


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