How to Become a Better Entrepreneur by Gaming


As any great entrepreneur, great work comes from a place of positivity and personality. That’s why a business owner incorporating oneself in their work makes a business seem more genuine and human. It also makes clients and customers feel like they’re a part of something more than a transaction.

And as you may have guessed from the title of this post, that’s where gaming comes in. Of course, there are many out-of-the-box ways to make businesses flourish, including making new alliances and finding new partnerships. Human beings have been playing games since the beginning of time. It encourages all sorts of great outcomes including unorthodox learning, strategy building, and communication skills. These are all useful habits to develop in the world of business and an interesting exercise to become a better entrepreneur. Here we take a look at some of those skill that gaming can help you improve.

Innovative Thinking

A common issue with entrepreneurs is becoming stagnant. While they might not necessarily call it a creative block, which is typical among writers and artists, it has the same frustrating dynamics that make it difficult to climb out of.

Gaming allows people to take a break from their stressful working day and allow their minds to relax. In fact, studies have shown that gaming can increase productivity by 20%, blowing work-related exercises out of the water.

There are several reasons why gaming helps people become more productive. Firstly, it allows people a bit of personal time, which helps them recharge and return to their work with fresh eyes. Secondly, gaming allows entrepreneurs to look at their work from a different perspective, which is often the issue when they’re stuck in a rut. In fact, gaming promotes dynamic thinking, making entrepreneurs unpredictable and unique.

Encouraging Exploration

This might sound like a given, but getting to know game selections increases knowledge. That’s because while one game might belong to a larger category, that doesn’t mean it’s exactly like the others. Each game allows players to display their skills and abilities in different ways, so it’s helpful to experience as many as possible to get a good footing.

Many gaming companies offer an array of titles for players to experience. Some gaming companies highlight their narratives to help players learn more about the game’s universe while others focus on mechanics. In terms of iGaming, for example, slot games tend to focus on the technical aspects that enhance the experience, including graphics, sound, and of course, gameplay. While some players tend to prefer certain titles over others, online casinos have begun to curate selections of titles that cater to wide audiences. That means they are games that highlight all aspects, meaning they strengthen and develop players’ skills with each variation of the game. This allows players to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

In short, the same way gamers learn more about their craft by exploring outside the games they usually play, entrepreneurs can do this by stepping outside of their usual flow. Learning how other entrepreneurs function, for example, helps to think outside the box and achieve great work.

Bullet-proof Strategy

Like it or not, every entrepreneur knows they will occasionally lose. Like in gaming, where players often have to lose a few rounds to understand how to bet the next one, people have to learn to plan ahead to prevent big losses. That includes learning to accept failure every once in a while and interpret it as an opportunity for growth.

Many businesses absorb their losses and incorporate them into their strategies. In fact, some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs made huge failures before they got their big break, including Soichiro Honda, Elon Musk, and J.K. Rowling. If it hadn’t been for experimenting, accepting their loss, and growing from it, they never would have made the waves that they did on the world stage.

Passing on your Knowledge

Another great, unexpected trick from gaming is taking on an apprentice. In the gaming world, noobies, or n00bs, often look for guidance as they begin their journey starting a new game. Believe it or not, the teacher often benefits more from the experience than the pupil.

As many teachers say, their students often teach them more than the other way around. That’s because the teacher has to actively explain how things work and answer questions they haven’t thought to answer. In gaming, people who teach others have an easier time remembering how certain mechanics work and even apply what they learned from those discussions to their gameplay.

Entrepreneurs can benefit from the same practice, by talking to their proteges, answering their questions, and opening their minds to new possibilities, they become well-versed and thoughtful people, capable of managing a successful, thriving business.