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Egyptian B2B marketplace Teegara raises undisclosed Bridge round for expansion.

by Weddy Thuranira
0 comment, an Egypt-based e-commerce startup focused on household and FMCG products, has secured an undisclosed bridge round from a number of nations, led by Alexandria Angel Network.

“Teegara obtained a bridge round of financing from Alex Angels with the participation of investors from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan. This round will be utilized in its expansion plan of the company by adding more verticals to its platform and hiring more sales and operations forces in addition to enhancing its technical capabilities. The company is preparing for its “Seed round” of financing during the second half of 2022 with VCs from the region.” Ahmad Kayyali, founder and CEO of, said. is an online B2B marketplace founded by Ahmad Kayyali, Nader Ibrahim, and Ahmed Samir. seeks to help new small traders get the most out of using the service by providing innovative distribution techniques, strategies to increase both margins and earnings for small merchants by minimizing the two-three rings between suppliers and merchants, as well as credit lines and other financial aids.

The area wants to work on is difficult as it lies in-between e-commerce on one hand and traditional merchants and distributors on the other, neither being categorized as pure e-commerce nor traditional merchants. has a goal of being able to connect vendors directly to merchants through their digital ordering platform and mobile apps among the many other benefits that are offered is that merchants and vendors use it to grow their sales while lowering the cost of the product on them by overlooking the middlemen between the vendor and the merchant. 

The services and beneficiaries offers are first-hand prices, innovative payment methods, fixable shipping and return procedures, and a vast assortment of household products, plastics, kitchenware, detergents, makeup, and lingerie directly from factories to merchants.

Alex Angels Investor, Ramy Gamal reflects “Pleased and excited to participate in Teegara’s new investment round following my participation in their first investment round last year. This comes as a reflection of my belief in the founders’ team vision, dedication, and the real socioeconomic value Teegara is offering to its customers. I’m so optimistic about seeing significant growth in Teegara after this round and inviting VCs to stay tuned and keep an eye on this startup.”

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