How to Share Multimedia Files Using Android’s Nearby Share Tool.


With Google’s Nearby Share, Android users may now share images, videos, files, places on Google Maps, apps from the Google Play Store , and more. The application, which is available as a feature on most Android versions beginning with OS v6.0, uses hotspot, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity to locate recipient devices and exchange files.

 It works similarly to Xender for file sharing, except instead of a third-party program, you now use a native instant file sharing utility called Nearby Share.

How Do You Find Out If Your Phone Supports Nearby Share?

The first requirement is an Android smartphone that enables Nearby Share. Here’s how you can check for support.

  • First, go to your device’s Settings and scroll down to “Google.”
  • Next, navigate to “Device Connections” >> “Nearby Share.”
  • Turn on the feature if it exists (which means your device supports it).
  • You’ll need to use your Google account to set a device name and visibility, and you’re done.

How to Use Nearby Share on Android Devices to Share Files

  • To begin, open the file you want to share with someone.
  • Then, hit the “Share” icon and choose “Nearby Share.”
  • The phone should begin detecting nearby devices, implying that the recipient has enabled Nearby Share following the methods outlined in the first module.
  • When you find a device, tap on it, and the device should automatically share the files to the named device, presuming the recipient has tapped the “Accept” button to accept the data.
  • Allow the process to complete, and the recipient will have immediate access to the shared files.