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Apple Is Planning To Provide Accessibility Tools For People With Disabilities

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Apple is planning to provide accessibility tools for people with disabilities.

Apple has unveiled revolutionary software innovations that bring new ways for customers with disabilities to explore, interact, and get the most out of Apple devices in honour of worldwide accessibility awareness day on Thursday (May 19).

Door detection

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People who are blind or have limited vision may use Door Detection on their iPhone or iPad to navigate the final few steps to their destination, thanks to advances in hardware, software, and machine learning.

Apple Watch Mirroring allows users with physical and motor limitations who rely on assistive features like Voice Operate and Switch Control to completely control their Apple Watch from their iPhone.

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Door Detection can also scan signs and symbols near the door, such as an office’s room number or the existence of an accessible entry mark.

Users who are deaf or hard of hearing can get live subtitles.

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Live Captions is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Apple has also announced the addition of over 20 new languages and regions to its industry-leading screen reader VoiceOver.

These improvements will be available later this year as part of Apple platform software releases.

Quick Actions on Apple Watch help users perform a time-sensitive action — like answering a phone call — with a double-pinch gesture.

“Apple embeds accessibility into every aspect of our work, and we are committed to designing the best products and services for everyone,” said Sarah Herrlinger, Apple’s senior director of Accessibility Policy and Initiatives.

“We’re excited to introduce these new features, which combine innovation and creativity from teams across Apple to give users more options to use our products in ways that best suit their needs and lives.”

On Thursday, Apple will include tales by and about individuals with disabilities in the Apple Books app, highlighting relevant subjects. For a more accessible reading experience, Apple Books will bring additional themes and customization options like bolding text and altering lines, characters, and word space.

Additional Features

-Users can ask a caregiver or a friend to assist them in playing a game with Buddy Controller, which merges any two-game controllers into one, allowing multiple controllers to drive the input for a single player.

-Users with speech difficult-Users can utilize Voice Control Spelling Mode to dictate bespoke spellings utilizing letter-by-letter input.

-Sound Recognition may be tailored to distinguish noises unique to a person’s environment, such as their home’s alarm, doorbell, or appliances.

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