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Twitter is testing the ‘liked by author’ label for tweets.

Twitter is trying out a new “Liked by Author” label, which shows when the creator of a tweet likes your response.

“The company has been testing different labels to help give people context about the tweets they see, but said the social media giant doesn’t have more to share on this specific label,” Twitter confirmed to TechCrunch.

So far, when the author of a tweet likes a reply, it is recognized with a badge that is visible to both the person who left the reply and everyone watching it. Although it is unclear whether the label is being tested globally, individuals in numerous countries have reported seeing it.

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It’s worth noting that the new label is comparable to TikTok’s “Liked by Creator” badge, which shows when a video’s creator likes a comment.

Twitter’s new label may irritate some users who regard it as a distraction or an unneeded addition to an already cluttered tweet. It may also appear redundant when put next to a reply with only one like.

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Some users may find it useful, particularly if they wish to show that their tweet was liked by a noteworthy person, such as a celebrity. Furthermore, the new label may be beneficial in situations where a tweet has received numerous replies and the original poster wishes to highlight a few of them without explicitly replying to them.

Given that the label is still in testing, it’s unclear whether Twitter intends to make it available to all users.

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