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How to locate your WhatsApp Photos Stored on iPhone & Android.

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In general, photos and videos received over WhatsApp Messages are saved in appropriate Folders/Folders on your mobile device’s internal storage.

WhatsApp Photos and Videos are separated and kept separately as “WhatsApp Images” and “WhatsApp Videos” in the Media Folder on Android phones and tablets.

Both WhatsApp Photos and Videos are stored in the “WhatsApp” Folder, which is accessed within the Photos App for iPhone and iPad.

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View All WhatsApp Photos on Your Android Device

WhatsApp Photos and Videos saved on an Android Phone or Tablet can be accessed and viewed using the File Explorer or My Files App, both of which are available on Stock Android and Samsung Android Devices.

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Navigate to Android > Media > com in File Explorer or My Files.

WhatsApp > Whatsapp > Media, then touch on WhatsApp Images Folder to open it.

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This Folder should include all photos received via WhatsApp messages.

On iPhone, you may view all WhatsApp photos.

In the case of the iPhone, WhatsApp Photos may be accessed and viewed via the native Photos app, which is available on the iPhone and iPad.

Open the Photos app > touch on the Albums option in the bottom menu > find and open the WhatsApp Folder by tapping on it.

This folder should contain all of your WhatsApp Photos.

What Should You Do If WhatsApp Isn’t Saving Photos on Your iPhone?

If WhatsApp isn’t saving photos on your iPhone, make sure WhatsApp has Read/Write access to your device’s Photos app.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Photos > WhatsApp and ensure that the Read and Write option is enabled.

WhatsApp will be able to save photos on your smartphone now that it has Read/Write access to the Photos App.

WhatsApp Photos Are Not Displaying in Android Phone’s Gallery

Allowing WhatsApp to show recently downloaded media in the Phone’s Gallery solves the problem of WhatsApp Photos not appearing in the Photo Gallery on an Android Phone or Tablet.

Open WhatsApp, then hit the three-dot menu symbol and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.

Tap the Chats option on the WhatsApp Settings screen.

Move the slider next to Media Visibility to the ON setting on the Chats panel.

After restarting the device, you should be able to see WhatsApp Photos in the Gallery App on your Android device.

WhatsApp Photos Aren’t Showing Up on iPhone’s Camera Roll

Unless you select the Store to Camera Roll option on your iPhone or iPad, WhatsApp will not be able to save photos to the Camera Roll automatically.

Open WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > turn the Save to Camera Roll option to the ON setting.

Quit WhatsApp > Relaunch WhatsApp on your iPhone after 30 seconds.

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