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How to Use the Nairobi Expressway: Registration and Payment.

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Moja Expressway, a subsidiary of China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), will operate the road for 27 years to recoup its investment through tolls. The road was built through a public-private partnership.


You must physically register at the Nairobi Expressway Service Center at Cabanas on Mombasa Rd.

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There are two kinds: ETC and MTC. ETC requires the car’s logbook and ID. You only need your ID for MTC.

Price: 300/-

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Acquire the MOJA Card.

Add toll points (in Kenyan shillings) to your card. They can do it at the service center, or you can recharge online at

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Toll Station Entry.

For MTC users, you will queue (if there is one) and be served by a toll attendant. ETC users do not require the services of an attendant because everything is automated.

Toll Station Exit

For MTC users, you must present a receipt issued at the time of entry, and toll points will be deducted based on the distance traveled.

ETC is simply thrilling.


MTC cardholders can use their card in a variety of vehicles.

ETC users are unable to do the same because the card is paired with the vehicle during registration.

MTC stands for Manual Toll Collection.

ETC stands for Electronic Toll Collection.

The government has published the price of using the Nairobi Expressway. According to the Gazette notice, each driver using the Nairobi Expressway will be required to pay a fee ranging from Sh310 to Sh100. The fees will be determined by the distance traveled.

CS Transport Drivers will pay Sh310 from Mlolongo to James Gichuru and Sh260 from James Gichuru to JKIA, according to James Macharia.

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