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Solar Sister & LivelyHoods Kenya merge to bring clean energy to millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa

Solar Sister, Inc. and LivelyHoods Kenya have merged in a move expected to bring economic opportunity and clean energy to millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa.

The merger combines Solar Sister’s operations in Nigeria and Tanzania, with LivelyHoods’ network in Kenya to drive impact in the three most important issues of our time: gender equity,  climate justice, and energy access.

According to Tania Laden, Co-Founder and Executive Director LivelyHoods, “This merger represents the kind of collaboration and unity of effort that it will take to address the world’s greatest challenges, such as job creation, economic empowerment, and access to clean and affordable energy, that both of our organizations have been working on for more than a decade,”

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Solar Sister and LivelyHoods bring life-transforming clean energy products to underserved households in low resource communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Using market-based social enterprise models that deliver energy access, economic opportunity, and climate solutions, both organizations have carved out leadership positions in their respective markets. Founded in 2009 and 2011 respectively, the two organizations share a mission of ensuring that no one is left behind in the clean energy transition.

This merger validates an innovative approach that translates and scales across cultures and contexts. Expanding into the Kenyan market accelerates Solar Sister’s commitment to expand impact across sub-Saharan Africa building on the strength of its model of women entrepreneurs selling solar lights and clean cookstoves to family, friends, and neighbors.

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“Bringing these two organizations together is a massive leap forward in scaling up a proven energy access solution that improves human well-being, boosts equity, and helps usher in prosperity for people in sub-Saharan Africa,” said Katherine Lucey, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Solar Sister. “Our mission, vision, and values are in complete alignment, giving us a solid foundation for our combined efforts. We bring different geographic and market segment expertise to the table that will enable us to grow in size as well as strength. We are better together, and that benefits our customers, our communities, our partners, and our funders.”

James Musoba
James Musoba
Studying Africa's startup and technology scene. I always look forward to discovering new exciting inventions and vibrant entrepreneurs.

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