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How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously – All ways

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No one enjoys being so visible on Insta, even if it is necessary for bringing in new members. Secondly, although not the most significant element, becoming capable of seeing Stories ig secretly is akin to seeing who isn’t following you back on Insta. It isn’t required, but it is entertaining!

Insta Stories allows users to communicate what they’re doing right now, and the presenter of the story may see who has seen it. If you have access to someone’s Instagram account, they are okay with you seeing it. But, for whatever purpose, you will not want your identity to appear on the viewer’s list.

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Presently, there is no built-in functionality in the Insta application that lets users watch Instagram stories anonymously online. This can only be done by utilizing third-party software to see the content. This also implies you’ll have to perform it outside of the application’s dashboard rather than within it.

How to See Instagram Stories Without Letting the person Know

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It’s essential to keep in mind that the one who posted the story may be able to see who viewed it on their Instagram Account. This isn’t a concern in most circumstances, but there may be instances when you want to see someone’s Instagram Stories discreetly.

There are multiple approaches to viewing.  Stories without disclosing your name to the person, but each method has varying levels of success.

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Airplane mode

The most prominent stories are preloaded, so viewers may see them right away when they open the application. You may preload the Stories of a certain user by opening their account and waiting a few seconds.

Then, to watch the story, switch your device to airplane mode and select their profile photo. You can see the story without a network, but it will not change your identity. But, if you link your device to the internet, the views may change.

It’s also possible to lose connectivity in the middle of watching Stories. Instagram may be unable to preload all of the Stories, particularly if the person has posted multiple. Start the Instagram app and browse to the user’s profile, then switch your device to airplane mode after going to the app and clicking on the person’s stories.

However, if the individual in question has uploaded numerous stories in a sequence, the application is unlikely to have downloaded them all; hence, they will not be visible in airplane mode.

Fake account

Using a new profile is the most efficient way to monitor and capture Instagram Stories without being listed. The user will have no idea who had seen the story if they don’t identify the profile.

If the profile is public, it is possible to view Stories from some other Username. You must, though, follow the individual if they have a private account before you can acquire access. The most covert way to read someone’s Instagram Stories is to use an Instagram account that is not immediately identifiable as yours.

It’s as simple as attaching another account to Instagram and switching back and forth between the two when you want to see someone’s Instagram Stories. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to create a new Instagram account before you can connect it to your app.

Best Instagram Story Viewer for Android, iOS, PC

Anonymous stories viewer for Instagram is a browser app that lets you discreetly explore Instagram Stories. The current Stories and Instagram Highlights of any active Online user can be viewed. You may watch any access profile’s Instagram Stories quickly and discreetly without creating an account.

Since you did not enter your information to gain entry to the Stories, see Stories from an online for free Online platform, you would never appear in the audience lists. Start typing in the username of someone. It can be done from any smartphone or computer that has Internet access. Any Insta story can be viewed secretly from a pc, mobile, iPad, or even another platform. The following are the top Instagram Story Viewers for Mobile, iPhone, and Computer: is the best Instagram viewer on PC

It is commonly regarded as the best Instagram Story Viewer for Windows. It’s a famous Instagram story viewer incognito. While keeping it private, it allows users to save and view Instagram stories, photos, and favorites. The best aspect of the interactive platform is that you don’t have to sign in to use it. You can view Instagram stories anonymously without an account. Additionally, it is free when used.

Start typing the profile username into the search box to reap its benefits. However, this technique may only be used to obtain public Instagram pages, not personal accounts. While utilizing the program, you can rapidly access highlights, posts, and stories without the account holders knowing by the IG stories viewer app. Finally, this software allows you to download high-quality files.

How to?

  1. Copy the URL or login of the Instagram profile you want to see secretly.
  2. Type into the system’s address bar, then press Start or Browse.
  3. You’ll be taken to the user’s profile, wherein you can see all of their publicly viewable information.

Remember: This covers your Instagram account usernames and photographs, number of social and followers, bios, and anonymous mode for viewing stories, live streams, and uploads.

  1. To save a posted story or a posting from someone else’s Ig account, first, see the story or post. At the top, there is indeed a Download option in the tongues of your choice. The data will be saved to your computer once you press the button in the Instagram story viewer and downloader

Note that videos and images would be saved in the Downloads collection and displayed on the Mobile or iOS Gallery or Downloadable directory. is the best Instagram story viewer for Android devices and iPhones

It is often regarded as the best Instagram story viewer app for iOS and Android. An ideal alternative for the best story viewers category. In terms of user experience, the program strives for clarity over-complication. A text box appears when you first begin the software. If you insert the login of the Instagram account you wish to visit into the text box, this Ig account viewer software for iPhone and Android will assist. It’s the greatest Insta Stories Private Story Viewer for Windows, Mobile, and iPhone!

You may type your name into the message box. You can use this program to save IG posts and save and explore videos, images, and other types of content from your Instagram account. You could broadcast the story you record with the software on other social networking websites. Watch Instagram stories without having to create a new account now!

Stories Instagram stresses general simplicity over all other traits. As a result, it’s an easy-to-use program. It does, however, ensure that the necessary task is completed without trouble.

How to?

  1. Enter the name that catches your eye.
  2. Wait for a few moments after selecting See. Stories search a person’s photographs/videos.
  3. View Instagram stories without disclosing your name on the internet. You may save photographs and videos from Instagram with only one tap.

Employing Incognito Mode, how could you download videos, photos, and posts from somebody’s Instagram profile?

You can now watch Instagram stories in incognito mode to see someone else’s stories. You cannot download movies, photos, or stories using these accounts. You can only save info from your account. Here’s an intriguing software for watching Instagram stories in secret:

The Ultimate Instagram Video Downloader is InstaSaver

InstaSaver is a free and handy convenience tool that lets you download Instagram stories privately without installing the software and store them on your device. This small Insta Stories Anonymous Story Viewer for PC, Android, and iOS program allows you to save some, share, and repost every image or video you see on Insta. You can now download Instagram stories without an app.

As far as everyone knows, you can’t access or republish photographs on Insta without utilizing third-party applications like this Instasaver mobile application. It’s easy to use, and you don’t have to register to see what someone has to give.

Instasaver lets you store and save Video clips and photo content, but it also lets you zoom in and out on the material you’re looking at. This application offers video playback functionalities in Instagram videos, such as fast forward while rewind, and is the ideal viewer to view Instagram stories, highlights, reels and IGTV anonymously.

How to?

It is not hard to use this software. You only need to cut/paste the clip’s address you want to obtain. Now select the Download button to initiate obtaining and storing the item.


There appear to be multiple causes why someone might want to secretly watch another user’s Instagram Stories. While it’s known that someone would wish to monitor their love or ex-partner to see what they’re up to, it’s not the single factor.

Businesses and advertising firms will want to do an anonymous study, which includes confidential research online Stories data, before approaching a celebrity for an effort.

As previously said, there are various reasons to read Instagram Stories anonymously. We hope you enjoyed this post on everything you needed to know about seeing other people’s stories anonymously. You can use the anonymous Instagram stories viewer suggested here to make things easy for yourself.

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