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How To Make Money Online In Kenya Through Mpesa

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The internet has brought a lot of opportunities for one to make money right from the comfort of their home. Many people are making huge gains from the online space. Most of the Kenyan youths and smart people have fully employed themselves online and are reaping big compared to those working in other sectors.

Here are the various ways you can make money online in Kenya through Mpesa.

1. Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is one of the best and simplest ways of making money online. It mainly involves promoting businesses online on behalf of a merchant for example on Jumia, whereby you share links on social media pages and various sites to get customers. One is paid based on commissions or the agreement with the merchant.

2. Online Surveys

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You can make a killing by simply doing online research jobs and conducting or participating in online surveys for specific companies such as Mobrog, Survey Junkie and many others.

3. Data Entry

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Data entry involves feeding data into a computer or electronic device. This sector requires you to be computer literate and possess good written communication skills for you to succeed. You must be conversant with a range of computer programmes.

4. Freelance Writing/Online Writing

This is actually the most common and best way of making money online through Mpesa. It is a broad field where you can venture into article writing, academic writing, content writing or blogging. You can start a blog or website that runs payable ads or venture into sourcing for writing jobs from sites such as Upwork, Bluecorp, Essaypro and many others.

5. Vlogging

Vlogging is currently a lucrative online venture as long as you learn how to create nice vlogs and market them well. Simply open up a YouTube channel, put up content that will attract subscribers and viewers.  There are several vloggers in Kenya earning six figures from vlogging. Most earn from the advertisements displayed on their pages.

6. Forex Trading

Forex trading is a lucrative venture that is however not so common among Kenyans. It involves buying and selling currencies online. Traders and investors buy and exchange world currencies on various platforms. It is quite a difficult but rewarding venture that needs you get proper training before starting to make a kill.

7. Selling eBooks

This is a good online venture whereby you can write and sell downloadable books with information on various issues, whether entertainment or formal sectors such as technology, education, business and so on. You can market eBooks on various social media platforms.

8. Managing Social Media Pages

You can simply make a fortune by managing social media pages of prominent personalities such as politicians, business moguls, musicians, footballers and actors. For example in Kenya, most politicians don’t manage their own social media pages. They have hired people to do that on their behalf and in turn, pay them something.

9. Web Designing

This is a good venture for those who are tech-savvy and super skilled on IT-related issues. You can offer web, graphic design and web hosting services. You will never lack clients as long as you market yourself well and offer good and affordable services.

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10. Online Marketing/ Social Media Influencer

In other words, you can be a social media influencer and make something worth your time and effort. The biggest thing to do is to ensure you have a following on social media pages such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You will simply promote products to your following, engage them and entice them to purchase them. You can do this on behalf of various companies such as tour companies, fashion gurus, real estate companies, restaurants, car dealers…etc.

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Victor Matara
Victor Matara
Victor is an experienced SEO writer with more than 8 years of experience. Twitter: @victormatara.

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