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Grey Finance App Already Facing Problems In Kenya Shortly After Launch

by Vanessa Waithera
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Grey Finance App

The Grey Finance App is already having problems in Kenya after only a few days.

The firm adds in an email to users that the USD account services on Grey have been inaccessible for the past 14 days.

A Difficulty With The Grey Finance App

“It pains the whole team and myself that Grey, which we know is a source of comfort to many, has caused any additional anxiety to anyone at all. Please know that we are working with our partners to ensure that this is completed really soon”. – Grey

They mention that the app is being upgraded and that it is a top priority for their partners and, by extension, them.

“It is progressing as planned and please know all hands are on deck at Grey and at our partner institution to get everything up and running.” Says Grey Co-founder Femi.

He goes on to add that this update has no effect on the funds in your USD account. You may still trade and withdraw money without any problems. Accounts in EUR and GBP are fully functioning. They do, however, advise against making any deposits or transfers to your USD accounts. If you do, the money will be sent back to the sender’s bank.

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