Safaricom is not abolishing reverse call


Safaricom CEO Mr Peter Ndegwa has come out to dismiss social media claims that the telco is planning to halt reverse calls by June 2022.

In a tweet, he said, “Safaricom will continue to provide the service to its customers. I have received many queries on whether we are ‘killing’ our reverse call service. This is untrue. We will continue to provide this service as it addresses a key need of a large part of our customer base,”

A section of Kenyans earlier on Wednesday took to social media to share a fake statement about Safaricom’s plan to halt the service. The statement said End of reverse call services as Safaricom intends to abolish reverse call services in its network by the end of June 2022″

Safaricom introduced reverse call service in June 2019, a service that has allowed customers with no airtime to transfer call costs to the call receivers, a service that has been useful to a section if not all of Safaricom’s customers.

Over the years, customers have been able to make calls and even reach out to others without having airtime as a way of building a more connected, inclusive and sustainable world.