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Apple Music and Arcade are estimated to generate over $8.2 billion in revenue in two years’ time

In just a few years, the company has launched a slew of subscription services, including online storage with iCloud in 2011, music streaming with Apple Music in 2015, and, most recently, the Apple TV+ video streaming platform, the Apple Card in the US, the Apple Arcade video game service, and Apple Fitness+ sports classes.

All of these devices have become a mini gold mine for Apple, accounting for about 20% of the company’s sales each quarter and growing year after year.

Apple Music and Apple Arcade alone are expected to generate $ 8.2 billion in revenue and 180 million cumulative customers by 2025, according to J.P. Morgan analyst estimates.

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In particular, Apple Music would continue to be the most popular service, with 110 million paying customers and $ 7 billion in sales, while Apple Arcade may attract 80 million mobile gamers in three years, generating $ 1.2 billion in revenue.

Apple should not rest on its laurels, and with the introduction of Apple One, a bundle of services available at a discounted cost, the company might provide a new subscription service that allows manufacturers to rent their iPhone or iPad. Enough to keep users a bit longer in the ecosystem by recouping a few dollars in fees from each monthly payment.

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