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Adobe is working on a browser-based, free version of Photoshop

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Photoshop wants to reach out to more people and will utilize the freemium model. While skilled users laud the number of features and quality of tools available in Adobe’s program, Photoshop remains a costly option for many people.

Adobe may have reversed course and now offers subscription options rather than a large one-time purchase, but the Adobe suite still costs a lot of money. This is true not just for people but also for artisans and freelancers who cannot afford the software’s services.

Adobe is aware of this and, as a first move, is conducting a test of a version of its flagship product that is only available via the web and is free in Canada. Adobe Photoshop, which was first released in 1990, has become the industry standard for picture editing software, although there are many alternatives accessible in the form of online apps.

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Users will now be able to use Photoshop right away without having to install anything. To use the online service, you need an Adobe account. Adobe released an online version of Photoshop at the end of last year, but it was pretty restricted and did not enable you to create a document from the browser.

On the contrary, the document had to be imported from its desktop form. The service is now marketed as considerably more comprehensive, allowing consumers to begin their work straight on the web via the program. This version also enables Adobe to work with new platforms, like Chromebooks, which are commonly used in American classrooms.

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