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Microsoft to release new windows after every three years

by Joseph Richard
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Microsoft has altered its guidelines for updating its widely used. In contrast, it seems that the plans have once again changed. Windows Central claims that the Redmond business may have opted to provide a “major upgrade every three years.

This kind of schedule may be helpful, particularly for businesses with hundreds or even thousands of PCs that must be updated regularly. Additionally, it would allow more time to gradually and more successfully test the new features.

Naturally, more undersized, feature-focused upgrades will be released between updates, as three years is a considerable amount of time. If this were accurate, the following version of W Regarding the “small” upgrades, it is proposed that starting in 2023, there will be four updates

You should also note that at the moment there is a trait present in certain laptops made by Lenovo and powered by R CPUZEN 6000 series CPUs, which would prevent them from supporting any other operating systems except Toind.  Microsoft has not yet communicated on this, but it remains to be seen how this changelog would impact these models

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