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McLaren plans to launch electric SUV-low, compact and sporty

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Even as recently as 2019, McLaren was sure that its road car division would never introduce an SUV, but it seems that the success that rivals like Aston Martin’s DBX and Lamborghini’s Urus SUVs are experiencing is just too hard to ignore. For those competitors, sales of a single SUV now make up 50% of total sales.

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According to a story published by Autocar on Wednesday, McLaren is developing an electric-powered SUV that will go on sale in the second half of this decade.

Given McLaren’s financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic-related slowdown over the past two years. In addition, there’s urgent need to invest in electrification as the U.K. and now also the E.U. move to outlaw internal combustion engines by 2035, which makes the new move paramount.

The change of heart by McLaren mirrors Porsche’s initial decision to introduce the Cayenne two decades ago, a move which was motivated by financial difficulties as well. Interestingly, Gordon Murray, the designer of McLaren’s most iconic car – the F1 , has a new automotive firm that is developing its own electric SUV. 

However, don’t anticipate McLaren to provide a huge, rugged SUV like the Cayenne. Autocar speculates the vehicle will resemble Ferrari Purosangue SUV’s low and compact stature. Lastly, McLaren electric SUV is scheduled to be released later this year. 

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