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Samsung overtakes LG to become Tesla’s biggest camera supplier

by Dennis Mathu
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Nowadays modern cars usually have 7 or 8 camera modules, some electric cars can go up to 12. Tesla uses several cameras to make its self driving features possible and LG used to supply most of them. However, new reports suggest that Samsung will take over that role reducing the percentage of orders from LG.

LG Innotek was supplying around 70% of the camera modules Tesla needed, with Samsung covering the other 30%. After a recent multi-billion-dollar deal with Tesla, Samsung will take up 80% of orders in a new agreement estimated at between 4 and 5 trillion Korean won ($3.2-4 billion).

The deal is the biggest ever for Samsung’s electronic components division, Samsung Electro-Mechanics. The subsidiary will supply the cameras to the electric automaker over the next 5 years. According to sources, the modules will be installed in the Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model X, Model Y, as well as the upcoming Cybertruck and Semi.

The cameras in question have 5 MP sensors, which reportedly produce images “five times clearer” than its previous generation. Mass production for the camera sensors is scheduled to start next month.

With driver assist systems becoming a standard feature in new cars, it is predicted that the vehicle camera module shipments will rise to 230 million units globally this year, up 35% from last year, and will continue to grow at an average annual rate of 30% until at least 2025.

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