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Double Your Productivity With These Android Apps

When it comes to boosting your productivity, no advice is given more than to keep your mobile phone aside for better concentration, heightened focus and lesser distractions. But what if you could factor in all of the aforementioned elements without throwing your beloved device away?

It is pretty common for working professionals to shuffle multiple deadlines within a short period of time on a daily basis, and a phone-less work-life tends to make tasks a little bit harder to get through. By taking advantage of technological assistance, such as with the help of productivity and project management apps, one can make things less burdensome and sometimes even more enjoyable.

These applications not only make life easier for oneself, but also goes a long way in a team setting when communication and mutual understanding is important above all. 

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  • Slack

Easily one of the best team building and collaboration applications in the market currently, working with Slack is comforting to say the least. Its single interface workspace allows you to connect with people and tools almost seamlessly, thanks to its database through which you can conduct real-time messaging, make calls, send and receive files and even integrate it with various apps such as Google Drive, Asana, Giphy for an enhanced experience. While it has to pros, it also has its share of cons such as being expensive and there lies a vast scope of improvement for its audio and video call services. It is one of the best workspace integration apps available in the market.

  • Solid Explorer

File management has never been easier. Inspired by old-school file manager applications, Solid Explorer hands out a very user-friendly interface for cross-device management that helps one navigate through the overabundance of files – be it Word documents, PDFs, images, videos or any other type of file – by making accessibility a walk in the park. It also helps connect to different cloud applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Asana etc, along with a variety of useful features ranging from archiving tools and providing root access of files. Solid Explorer reduces the time you stare at your phone to find one certain file and transfer it onto another device. In short, it kicks up your productivity by shortening access time.

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  • Todoist

If there’s an application you need in your arsenal to get all your tasks set straight, it is Todoist. The number of features at one’s disposal to manage tasks at hand is immense – it allows you to set up new tasks, group tasks together under a subgroup and monitor them effectively with regular reminders. Its cross-platform support and silky interface, coupled with its efficient collaboration features make it an awesome app for tracking the progress of your tasks. Despite the free version having limited features, customers have stuck with it for managing their daily and weekly tasks. People who use the application have lauded it for teaching them how to balance work and personal time. To-do apps don’t get better than this.

  • Dragon Mobile Assistant

This voice command application is a life-saver for many who detest looking up and down their screen to type down tasks, post updates on social media, set reminders, write emails, send messages etc. Dragon has a whole lot of cool features to take into consideration such as unlocking your phone by just hearing your voice, and your voice alone. It also has hands-free and eyes-free mode so that you can keep interacting with the application when traveling. This boosts your productivity on a whim by taking accessibility as a main factor. All in all, it is one of the best apps available in the market to control your phone using voice commands.

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  • RescueTime

As the name stands, the application in a boon for people suffering from the lack of time management skills. Time tracking is key not only to any workforce or team, but also individuals who operate on strict schedules, and this is where RescueTime comes into play. It is a software application that lets individuals and businesses keep tabs on how long it takes workers to perform certain tasks. The application helps boost productivity by monitoring progress, handle automatic reporting, handing out daily highlights, and tracking offline activity, among other features.

While the aforementioned applications are solely focused on boosting focus and productivity on the tasks at hand, it goes without saying that leisure time is definitely needed to take one’s mind off the hustle and bustle of daily life. This is where online gaming and casinos come into picture, irrespective of your geographical location.

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