Nothing Phone (1): the smartphone is unveiled in a video


Nothing recently enjoyed showing off the rear of its first smartphone, which will be officially released on July 12th. Some tech influencers, such as Marques Brownlee, already possess the smartphone even though it is not yet readily available.

Additionally, the latter was able to submit a debut video nearly entirely directed at the rear of this Nothing Phone (1). Therefore, the back of the Nothing Phone (1) will take center stage alongside its transparent side, in addition to the numerous LEDs dispersed there.

The latter may perform various tasks: they may indicate an incoming call, show the status of the charging process, or serve as supplementary illumination for a photograph.

Remember that the LEDs can be timed to the ringtone for a particularly effective effect. This glowing interface, known as the “Glyph Interface,” can be customized via the smartphone’s settings.

With a very (very) design similar to the iPhone 12s, the Nothing Phone (1) appears to have drawn its inspiration from Apple for the rest of its features. The debut date of this Nothing Phone (1) must still be anticipated, as must the device’s pricing.