Toyota recalls electric SUVs over wheel that could detach while driving


Less than two months after the vehicle’s debut, Toyota ordered a global recall for the 2023 bZ4X electric crossover SUV. The company said that when driving, the wheel’s hub bolts might come loose and the entire wheel could come off. Naturally, Toyota is advising owners to avoid driving their cars until the issue has been resolved.

According to Toyota, the reason for the loose hub nuts is currently being looked into. Customers are encouraged to contact their neighborhood Toyota dealer, who will pick up the bZ4X for repairs and offer a loaner vehicle for free.

2,200 of the 2,700 vehicles included in the recall were made for Europe, 280 were for North America, 110 were for Japan, and 60 were for the rest of Asia. The majority of the cars have not yet been delivered to customers.

The recall is a blow for the automaker after they committed $17.6 billion to the release of 30 battery-electric car models by 2030. Toyota’s belated attempt to make the switch to electric vehicles is considered as having its spearhead in the bZ4X, which started customer deliveries less than two months ago.

The recall occurs at a time when interest in electric vehicles is rapidly increasing, driven in part by rising petrol prices and an increase in the variety of models that are currently on the market.