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OnePlus to launch a new  set of headphones and smartwatches

by Joseph Richard
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OnePlus is just about to be a marathon that is unprecedented by Many. Very soon, there are plans to release multiple connected items. Mark your calendars!

The OnePlus Watch has been with us since its official debut in 2021. However, there are some drawbacks, such as inaccurate GPS, or the complete incompatibility with iOS devices, that we expect to be fixed with the next generation of OnePlus connected watch.

As of the writing of this article, Mukul Sharma, an insider from India, claims to have recently learned about the impending release of the OnePlus Watch 2 and the OnePlus Band 2 connected bracelet.

Mukul also informs us that two sets of wireless headphones from the Nord line will shortly arrive in India, so that’s not all.

Here, we’re referring to a debut in the third quarter of 2022. OnePlus will, therefore, undoubtedly soon reveal these new models. These headphones would be released “side by side with other cellphones during this time.” Without a doubt, the OnePlus 10T will be present.

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