Best Smartphones to buy in Kenya under 25K


This article features some of the best smartphpnes under Ksh 25,000 from various manufacturers, including Xiaomi, Samsung, and Poco. We chose to stake our bet on quality over quantity.

Let us get started

Redmi Note 10

Yes, Redmi is part of the Xiaomi Brand. The brand has a new model in this price range dubbed the Redmi Note 10. It packs an AMOLED screen, excellent stereo audio, and Hi-Res Audio certification. The smartphone provides no less than one of the most acceptable value for money of the year, with at least two days under the sole.

realme C35’s

The smartphone’s screen, audio, and camera components are, as you would assume, very average. Still, the model has something to offer under the price range, such as its exquisite design. The realme C35 could be the ideal choice for individuals who need a reliable smartphone that will let them connect with their loved ones and access the internet.

Samsung Galaxy A13

Samsung seems pleased to slightly upgrade the display quality while changing the design by reusing the Galaxy A32 5G’s chassis. Despite heavy competition in this price range, the A13 maintains its monstrous battery life and a One UI interface. The performance is not that appealing, but you have thumbs up anywhere in this price range. The Galaxy A13 is for those on a tight budget who want a reliable device and like the aesthetics of Samsung smartphones and the One UI user interface.

Redmi Note 11

My frank opinion: I have played with the pro version and the standard version of the Redmi Note 11 Model and the truth is that I’m not too fond of the latter. I felt that there were many more obstacles than in the model from the previous year.

Naturally, like me, you will still enjoy the inclusion of the OLED panel since it is also incredibly bright. Its two-day or longer battery life also makes it one of the finest smartphones available in this category, without a doubt.