In November, Google will discontinue Hangouts in favor of Google Chat


Over three years have passed since Hangouts had last been used. The platform was started in 2013, but unfortunately, its final ceremony will be held in November 2022

Those who use Hangouts on their smartphone are the first to be impacted. They will probably start getting in-app notifications informing them to use Google Chat instead, both via the app and Gmail.

Users of the Chrome Hangouts extension will be given the same incentive to migrate to the Google Chat extension. Starting in July, Chat on Gmail will take the place of Hangouts on Gmail Web.

Google states that Hangouts Web will continue to be accessible and functional until next November, even though it urges everyone to migrate to Chat as soon as feasible. The most recent alerts will be sent no later than one month before the move from Hangouts Web to Web Chat.

Google says that, in theory, all chats would be migrated from Hangouts to Chat automatically. However, you should upload your data before November, just in case. However, he advises users who are determined to save a backup of their Hangouts data to download them via Google Takeout before the deadline in November.

Google makes several reasons to persuade you to accept this mostly forced shift. According to the firm, Google Chat delivers a more contemporary experience and is linked with Google Workspace.

Additionally, the business asserts that it has “great goals for the future of Chat” and plans to introduce additional features shortly. The manufacturer  already thinks that Chat is more entertaining and feature-rich than Hangouts and that the service provides “better ways to interact and communicate.”