Endeavor raises $292M to invest in Endeavor Entrepreneurs globally


Endeavor has closed Endeavor Catalyst Fund IV, a $292M venture capital fund through which it plans to continue to invest in the companies led by Endeavor Entrepreneurs globally.

The closing of Endeavor Catalyst Fund IV represents Endeavor’s largest fund to date, surpassing the fund’s initial $200M-$250M target. It also brings Endeavor Catalyst’s total assets under management up to $500M+.

“The quality of entrepreneurial talent today across the 40+ markets where Endeavor operates is the highest we’ve ever seen, and we can’t wait to invest more in these places,” said Allen Taylor, Managing Partner, Endeavor Catalyst.

The community of Limited Partners (“LPs”) behind Endeavor Catalyst IV includes iconic founders like Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Marcin Żukowski (Snowflake), and Kevin Ryan (DoubleClick, MongoDB), as well as more than 100+ of Endeavor’s own entrepreneurs.

As Mudassir Sheikha, CEO of Careem (acquired by Uber for $3.1B) sees it, investing in Endeavor Catalyst is a “great way to ‘pay-it-forward’ and invest in high-quality entrepreneurs in emerging markets!”.

Established in 2012, Endeavor Catalyst has demonstrated over the past decade that betting on emerging market entrepreneurs works. So far, 49 investees of Endeavor Catalyst funds have reached the billion-dollar mark in valuation, including several IPOs and acquisitions. This means almost 1 out of 5 of the investees have reached “unicorn” status, ranking Endeavor Catalyst among the top 5 most prolific “unicorn” investors in the geographies where Endeavor operates, according to data from CB Insights.  

As of today, Endeavor Catalyst has made 260+ investments in 35+ different markets across Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia, as well as underserved places in Europe and the United States. Collectively, these companies have created nearly 2 million jobs and generated $17B+ of revenue in 2021. The Endeavor Catalyst funds are designed as rules-based, co-investment funds that invest exclusively in companies led by Endeavor Entrepreneurs raising priced equity rounds from venture capital and growth equity funds, primarily at Series A, B and C. Among its portfolio, the most common investments are in the Fintech (26%), Retail & Consumer Tech (23%), and Enterprise Software & Services (18%) sectors.

With this fourth fund, Endeavor Catalyst will continue to co-invest alongside professional venture capital and growth equity firms into companies selected into the Endeavor network. Following an initial close earlier this year, Endeavor Catalyst has already made investments out of this fund alongside a16z, General Atlantic, Insight Partners, Lightspeed and Softbank, among others.

“We’re off to a great start with Fund IV,” added Taylor, noting that the current fundraising environment does not change anything about the fund’s core thesis. “We believe talent is everywhere, and we are building this for the very long-term. With Fund IV, we continue to double-down on the markets that have been most active for us over the past few years – Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia – and are excited about the opportunity to invest in new Endeavor markets like Pakistan.”

With venture capital developing as an asset class in emerging markets throughout Latin America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and more VC dollars flowing to Africa and the Middle East than at any point in history, Endeavor Catalyst is excited to continue partnering with Endeavor Entrepreneurs across all of these regions.