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E-mobility Startup SolarTaxi raises Undisclosed Funding to expand its product line

by Milcah Lukhanyu
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Solar Taxi, a  Ghanaian e-mobility startup has raised undisclosed amount of cash from Persistent to expand its product line.

  Founded by Jorge Appiah in 2018,Solar Taxi is an electric two-wheel and four-wheel vehicle manufacturer and distributor These cars are used for delivery and transportation services.

According to Appiah, SolarTaxi’s path over the years has been marked by tenacity and diligence, starting with the assembly of its first prototype vehicle and ending with the receipt of seed investment from a crucial partner, the Mastercard Foundation.

Afterward, the business had to demonstrate the viability of its approach by expanding its operations across four other Ghanaian sites.

Numerous businesses are turning to alternative sources of power as a result of the steadily rising requirement for electricity, the remarkably increased price of oil, and the rising concern for the environment.

Solar energy is a versatile and environmentally friendly option among renewable energy sources. Today, many companies are utilizing this alternative energy source in an effort to gain from its many benefits.

The goal of Ghana’s Solar Taxi initiative is to tackle problems with clean, renewable energy. Ghana is an excellent place to use solar energy.

Every one of the vehicles that Solar Taxi gathers would generally need an electrical charge to operate. Ghana’s current national electrical grid, nevertheless, is incredibly unreliable. Instead, Solar Taxi develops solar hubs that work independently to offer a different source of energy.

Persistent, is a leader and investor in the off-grid energy and e-mobility sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa with 20 early-stage investments in pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solar distributors, commercial and industrial solar (C&I), mini-grid developers, technology enablers, and e-mobility companies.

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