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World’s fastest road car, Bugatti-Rimac’s Nevera, gets certified for production

Rimac announced the start of production of the Nevera electric supercar at its Croatia factory. The car was designed before the automaker joined with Bugatti last year to form Bugatti-Rimac. 

A quick refresh, the Rimac Nevera has monstrous 1,914 horsepower and 1,740 lb-ft of torque on tap, pushing it from 0 to 100kmh in an incredible 1.85 seconds that’s an achievement that has never achieved by any road legal internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, hence the partnership with Bugatti, the reigning champ of ICE powered hypercars. To prove its salt, Rimac Nevera was able to run the quarter mile in 8.58 seconds at 167.51 mph in a 2021 test—a production-car record, Rimac claims. The Nevera’s top speed is electronically limited to 258 mph (415kmh). Despite all this power, the all electric supercar still manages to have an EPA range of 287.28 miles (462.33km) in the US based metric, while the European WLTP scores an even higher range – 340 miles or 547km.

Announcement of the start of production comes shortly after Rimac confirmed official emissions certification by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With those two out of the way, Rimac is now authorized to sell cars in the US. 

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It took five years and 1.6 million hours of research and development to get the Nevera ready for production, according to Rimac. This time comprised of 45 crash tests thorough road testing with 18 prototypes.

Each Nevera will be hand-built, a slow intricate process that will allow only 50 of them to be made per year. At that rate, it will take three years to complete the planned 150 Neveras. According to Rimac, the first year of production is completely sold out, but there may still be free build slots open for later years. The starting price is approximately $2.4 million.

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With Nevera production underway, Rimac will move on to developing cars in concert with Bugatti. Their newly created joint company, Bugatti-Rimac, has already teased four cars, the first of which could arrive later this year.

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