On these Chromebooks, it is possible to dual-boot Windows 11 with ChromeOS.


You want to create a Windows 11/ChromeOS DualBoot on your Chromebook. This is achievable due to the study done by coolstarorg, posted on Reddit on Monday. Under specific circumstances, it is theoretically conceivable to run a Windows operating system on a Chromebook without the aid of programs like Cameyo or Parallels Desktop.

Three Chromebooks—the Lenovo Yogo c13, the HP Chromebook 14b, and the HP Chromebook Pro c645 Enterprise—passed the integration tests, as mentioned on the coolstarorg Reddit account. If this testing is successful, the list of compatible devices might expand.

Even if the testing were successful, there are still requirements to follow if you also wish to benefit from this Dualboot. Your Chromebook must first have an SSD disk. eMMC can be read and written from Windows, but UEFI cannot currently boot from it, as coolstarorg notes. Then, this procedure can only be successfully performed by a small number of processors like Athlon 3015ce by AMD, Ryzen 3 3250C, Ryzen 53500C, and Ryzen 7 3700

If the prerequisites are met, you must first partition Chrome OS using a chrx disk. Next, you must use the script given by MrChromeBox to update the RW LEGACY firmware on your computer, and you must also configure dual boot using the script created by coolstarorg.

Your Chromebook might find this integration interesting, but our friends at Windows Central want to remind you that it is not officially supported and that it is best to learn more about it before using it.