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These 31 new emojis could be released on your smartphone very soon

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Although the most popular emojis barely alter over time, the big family of emojis frequently receives new members. Here are 31 potential new suitors joining her in the coming months. A jumble, a donkey, a goose, a jellyfish, a slice of ginger, and numerous vibrant hearts are all included in this Emoji 15 cuvée.

An elk, a donkey, a wing, a blackbird, a goose, a jellyfish, a hyacinth, ginger, a pea pod, a fan, a hair comb, maracas, a flute, and two symbols, that of Khanda and that of Wi-Fi, round out the comprehensive list.

In any event, the average of previous years would decrease by including 31 emojis for Emoji 15. 112, 217, and 117 new emoji were introduced in waves 14, 13.1, and 13, respectively. This year’s low number is partially explained by the lack of emojis that depict humans.

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The Unicode Consortium has already authorized more than 3500 emojis. This one states that the emojis seen here are still in the draft stage and that their final appearance may vary. The verified list for Apple and Android terminals will be given in September, so we’ll be patched up shortly.

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