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Email Marketing In 2022 – Don’t Write It Off Just Yet

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Email marketing has been the cornerstone of digital marketing since the nineties. As the digital marketing sector expands and evolves, many wonder if it is still relevant in the twenty-first century. However, by using this marketing technique correctly and adapting how you use the technique, it will stay relevant and remain one of the highest ROI strategies in your marketing arsenal. So, how do you keep your email strategy fresh and relevant?

In this article, we’ll explore email marketing and why it should still be an important part of your marketing strategy. We’ll also look at how you can update your strategy to keep it current by using AI employment, automation, and reliable proxies. Keep reading to discover how to modernize your email strategy.

In this article, we’ll be covering the following topics on email marketing and its relevance:

  • What is email marketing?
  • Is email marketing still relevant?
  • 5 Ways to keep benefiting from email marketing

What Is Email Marketing?

In basic terms, email marketing is a strategy of advertising your brand using emails. This may sound simple enough. After all, don’t you just send emails? However, much more goes into creating an effective email marketing campaign, and by understanding these nuances, you can quickly benefit from your efforts. It can be a great way to teach potential customers about your brand, guide them along their buying journey, and retain loyal customers. 87% of content marketers still use email marketing, making it the second-largest content distribution channel. The most popular content distribution channel currently is social media at 89%.

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

While many marketing trends come and go, some are here to stay. For the moment, it seems like email marketing isn’t going anywhere. It requires a very small financial investment, most requiring time and effort. This makes it one of the most affordable marketing methods used. Using it correctly and in collaboration with your other marketing efforts can be an extremely powerful tool. There are currently 4 billion email users globally, which is expected to climb to 4.6 billion by 2025. When email is used correctly, recent statistics show a return on investment of $36 for every $1 spent. This is a significant amount and much too large to be overlooked by modern digital marketers.

5 Ways To Keep Benefiting From Email Marketing

Here are five simple strategies you can implement to see results from your email marketing efforts.

Personalize Emails

Take personalization to the next level. Don’t just use the consumer’s first name in your marketing efforts, but use other personalization metrics to make it even more relatable. Recent statistics have also shown that personalized emails have six times higher transaction rates. Incorporate your consumers’ names, gender, and birthdays and make recommendations based on their previous search and purchase history. Another way to improve email personalization is using a real reply-to email address and a proper email signature. To create these personalized emails, you can use a residential proxy to parse the information you collect.

Segment Your Subscribers

Start using segmentation to target your audience better. By segmenting your subscribers, you can easily send curated content that’s relevant to that consumer. For example, if you’re hosting a local sale, your campaign should only target consumers surrounding your location and not those in other states or countries. You can pair a residential proxy with a web scraper to collect all the relevant information you need to segment your subscribers.

Don’t Forget Mobile-Friendly Emails

Most of us check emails on our mobile devices more conveniently. There’s nothing more frustrating than opening an email only to find that it’s not optimized for mobile and that you must zoom in and out just to read it. Many consumers will not open the email or unsubscribe if this is the case. As such, it’s important to implement a responsive email design to ensure your email fits perfectly on any screen used.

Integrate With Social Media

Since social media is another strong marketing platform for many businesses, it makes sense to integrate these two. Include your social media links in your email campaigns, post a summarized version of the email on your social media platforms and even use your emails to introduce consumers to your social platforms. You can use a residential proxy paired with a web scraper to quickly collect social media posts and interactions to make integration easier.

AI Employment and Automation

AI can help to craft catchy emails, subject lines, and event-customized content to keep everything fresh and interesting. You can also set to automate certain emails such as welcome messages, transactional emails, and others. Automation tools alongside a residential proxy will ensure that these tools work quickly and effectively without bans or holdups. This will engage your consumer with your brand and keep you top of mind.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is still alive and well and will appear to be with us for many more years. As such, now’s the time to start learning how to get the most out of your email marketing efforts by implementing a few strategies to bring your campaign into the twenty-first century.

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