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The Importance of Big Data in Online Casinos

Nowadays, in order to grow, improve and customise any online business companies must be up to date with their internal analytics. These online tools have become essential in tracking user access, evaluating campaigns, coming up with content strategies and creating new and engaging products. In the online casino industry, which has been consistently growing for the past few years, big data is a crucial tool to understand clients and customer needs, but also optimise websites, apps, games, and other services.

Understanding market trends

The most obvious and primary aspect of using big data analytics is understanding and incorporating market trends into your business strategies. In this sense, online casinos are no different from any other business. Before developing or buying the rights to any game, both developers and casino operators need to go over big data to understand what type of games, design, narratives, characters, and features, among others, can appeal the most to players.

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For instance, Paddy Power’s Casino, a high-profile online casino, features an extensive casino game section that includes not only some of the most popular titles in the iGaming sector but also games inspired by different themes/tropes that can appeal to different audiences and suit plenty of preferences. However, this selection is not just a random collection of seemly interesting games, it is a carefully selected and crafted list of titles that can maintain the interest and attract the attention of existing and new players.

Matching competitors

As this article by Forbes highlights, another crucial aspect in which big data can be extremely helpful is to understand not only wide market trends but particular strategies and dynamics being employed by competitors. Casinos have the power to analyse and produce detailed reports on how other platforms advertise a particular game, a welcome bonus, a special offer or how they choose to organise their website/apps. It is important to note that this can be done not only to mimic or simply copy these same strategies but to optimise them and apply them to a specific casino’s own users and identity. In fact, by doing this casinos can help improve their own services but can also contribute to the rise of new strategies, approaches and even business philosophies.

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Big data aimed at players

While big data and analytics have a crucial role in observing market trends or focusing on particular cases, they can be used as a tool to directly engage more users and expand users’ options when it comes to managing one’s gambling or progress. In order words, casinos can offer players big data-based features that can track their progress, and show them real-time statistics and other metrics.

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In essence, big data can be used to inform players of their own gaming patterns, strategies, and overall performance in certain games or titles. Gaming data is already a common practice in several sectors of the gaming industry, particularly when it comes to strategy games, puzzles (including the likes of Wordle) or other types of games that involve repeated gaming patterns. As a result, casinos can make users’ experiences more complete and offer them a different gaming experience. This will not only stimulate their interest in certain titles but also offer them a sense of accomplishment every time they play.

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